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“The practice of and you can Aspects of Polygamy”

“The practice of and you can Aspects of Polygamy”


The following is an excerpt from the report: “Expanding Recognition of Foreign Polygamous Marriages: Policy Implications for Canada” prepared by Dr. Martha Bailey, Principal Researcher, Professor Beverley Baines, Co-principal researcher and Professor Bita Amani, Co-principal researcher of Queen’s University at Kingston, ON, Canada. step 1

OCRT Coordinator’s notice:

This report degree polygyny (one-man hitched so you’re able to multiple spouses) since experienced within the Western, Middle East and African regions. Some of the findings entalist Mormon U.S. and you can Canadian subcultures hence practice an enthusiastic authoritarian male-dominated members of the family design.

The practice of and you can Reasons for having Polygamy:

Polygamy was permitted in most parts of the world at one time, but there has been a move away from the practice. Monogamy is now the rule in eastern and western Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and large parts of Asia, including Japan and China. 2 Although India continues to permit Muslims to enter into polygamous marriages, 80 percent of its population is governed by the Hindu ous marriage.step 3 In many of the Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries that still permit polygamy, the rules governing the practice have been made more stringent,4 and actually polygamous marriages are the exception rather than the rule. Continue reading “The practice of and you can Aspects of Polygamy”